Itty bitty tips for PS on PC

PC Photoshoppers, did you know …

1. Simply double-clicking on the grey background of the Photoshop workspace will bring up the File>Open dialog? Quicker than reaching for the menu, or even Ctrl O.

2. Ctrl-Tab will toggle through your open images? Actually, this is true for other applications as well … while Alt-Tab toggles between applications, Ctrl-Tab toggles between documents within an application.

These two shortcuts might not seem like much, but if they can save you a few seconds every few minutes, it all adds up to a quicker workflow.

When I was a young bloke, the first time I worked at a newspaper, a wise old tradesman gave me an excellent tip. He said (paraphrasing): "Shortcuts will improve your work, but don’t try to learn them all at once. Pick one or two each week, and build them into your workflow. For the first few days they’ll feel slow and unintuitive, but by the end of the week they’ll be as natural as breathing."

He was dead right. Little by little I’ve trained myself in heaps of keyboard shortcuts in all of the Adobe programs, and I do them instinctively, without even really knowing what my fingers are doing.


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