Opening jpeg files in ACR (Elements)

Photoshop Elements users can open their jpeg files in Camera Raw, but it's not immediately apparent how to do it.

(By the way, if you have Photoshop, not Elements, go to this article instead.)

First, let me reiterate – I can take my cat to a zoo, but that doesn’t make her a tiger! Likewise, you can open Jpegs in a Raw program, but that doesn’t make them Raw files! Editing a Jpeg in ACR is fun, but it’s still a Jpeg. If you want real control and flexibility when editing, shoot Raw.

First, go to File>Open As:


At the bottom, change the format to "Camera Raw":


Choose your image, and press "Open":


Voila! There it is in ACR:


Do your editing, then press "Open Image" to bring it into Elements for further work.


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