LAB mode black-and-white conversion action

A very simple action. Not available for Elements users, sorry.

LAB mode conversion

If you like the look of black-and-white conversions via LAB mode, it’s best to do it using a duplicate image, to avoid unnecessary conversion of your master file.

Here’s a simple action to do the task for you:

(Mac users, you might have to Option-click the link to make it work.)

What does it do?

  1. Duplicates your image
  2. Flattens layers (if necessary) then converts to LAB mode
  3. Copies the Lightness channel
  4. Closes the temporary duplicate image
  5. Pastes the Lightness data from LAB mode onto your original RGB image

Is that all?

That’s all the action does. After that it’s up to you to further adjust using Curves, Levels, etc to create a masterpiece.

Have fun!


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