Finding ALL your Facebook messages [on computer]

You’re probably aware that Facebook’s messenger includes a "Message Requests" section that filters out messages from people it thinks you don’t know. But did you know there’s also a "Spam" section beyond that?

It’s really important to check both of these sections occasionally, because Facebook can’t be trusted to always know who is and isn’t a legitimate correspondent.

These instructions are for Facebook on computer. For phone instructions go here.

Click on Messenger:


In there, click on the cog icon to choose "Message Requests":


Check all the messages in the "Requests" section. Reply to the ones you want, and delete the ones you don’t. When you’ve finished, your section might be completely empty like mine is. Then hit "See spam":


Honestly, this section doesn’t seem much different from the "Requests" section. It might contain a combination of messages you want and don’t want. Again, go through them and reply or delete as needed, until it is empty:


I hope this helps.


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